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If your internal systems are not yet fully iXBRL compliant and you are struggling to meet the HMRC requirements we have a number of solutions to suit your needs.

Our initial consultancy service includes an overview of your current accounting systems output to final accounts and advice on how to tailor these to enable a smoother transition to iXBRL filing. If you haven't already chosen a suitable software package we can run through the main features of the ones on the market and give assistance in choosing the correct one for your requirements. We are not linked to any software company so we are free to offer unbiased advice. Once a choice is made we provide a full bespoke mapping file creation service, assisting you through producing your 1st set of iXBRL accounts.

If you would like to take advantage of our iXBRL consultancy services please contact us on:
Telephone: 0845 463 1215
Email : info@ixbrl-assist.co.uk


Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Large group of renewable energy companies

Although aware of iXBRL, they did not have the time or internal capacity to learn about iXBRL and invest in the software needed to produce iXBRL compliant accounts for their group.

As a result they have outsourced all their accounts conversions to us on an annual basis.

They provide us with their finalised accounts in Word or Excel on an agreed date and the conversion work is done by us in our Manchester office. Once complete we validate the files by test submitting on the HMRC server and return the iXBRL tagged files for them to submit to HMRC along with their CT return. We also provide a file showing the tags we have applied to the accounts.


Case Study 2 – A small manufacturing company

The client had purchased tagging software in an attempt to produce iXBRL in house. As they were unfamiliar with the software and the concepts introduced in the HMRC taxonomy, they were unable to produce an iXBRL tagged set of accounts. The support they received from the software supplier proved to be inadequate and as the deadline for submissionapproached, they realised that they needed assistance and engaged Hypercube to provide training and support.

We analysed their accounts production work flow and adapted this to give the easiest to work with output for their accounts. We then provide the client with advice and training on how to navigate the taxonomy and validate their iXBRL output before submission.

We analysed their accounts production work flow and suggested steps they should take to ensure the new requirements caused minimum disruption.  We then provided the client with advice and training on how to navigate the taxonomy and validate their iXBRL output before submission.


Case Study 3 – A Large car dealership group

The client realised that iXBRL is going to be an annual requirement, and so were looking for a long term cost effective solution.

Although initially put off by the choice and cost of software solutions, they decided to try and bring it in house.

We are providing them with a tailored 3 year package for their move to iXBRL:

Year 1 – Accounts conversions completed by us on their premises to allow us to provide advice on adjusting the format of their final accounts to enable the conversions, and give them an overview of the tagging and validation processes. 

Year 2 – They will purchase the conversion software licence for their chosen program and will use this in conjunction with our first year mapping files to produce their own iXBRL files in-house. We will provide any other training needed.

Year 3 – Additional training and support provided by us to assist with the move to full taxonomy tagging requirements and the extra validation that will be required.

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